2023/06/06(二/TUE) 12:00 開始販售 / General Sale


購買資格 / Purchase Qualification

凡已購買VIP搖滾站席(NT$6200) ,每張票券皆可以另外購買ATINY VIP粉絲福利商品

Only for VIP Standing ticket (NT$6200) holders. Each ticket can be upgraded to ATINY VIP for an additional NT$100.
The ATINY VIP upgrade is only available on the KKTIX website.

If you don’t have VIP Standing ticket, Check here

ATINY VIP 福利內容 / Fan Benefits of ATINY VIP

注意事項 / Notice

  • 每張VIP搖滾席的票券只能購買ATINY VIP商品1份
    Each VIP standing ticket can only upgrade to ATINY VIP once.

  • 購買時需要輸入VIP搖滾站席票券上的號碼做身份認證,每個號碼只能使用一次
    You need to enter the number on VIP Standing ticket to get ATINY VIP upgrade and each number can only be used once.


  • 購買ATINY VIP商品所獲得的實體物品將於演出當日在活動現場憑兌換券領取
    The physical items that included in ATINY VIP upgrade can be collected on the day of the show day at the venue with the upgrade ticket.

  • 參加Soundcheck Event的時候需要同時出示通行證與票券才能入場
    You need to present both the Soundcheck event laminate and the VIP Standing ticket for attending the Soundcheck Event.

  • 購買的ATINY VIP商品兌換券辦理退票後,因原先VIP搖滾站席票券上的票號已使用過,您將不可再次購買ATINY VIP商品
    If you refund the ATINY VIP Package then you cannot purchase ATINY VIP upgrade again due to the serial number of VIP Standing ticket has be used.

  • 請勿於拍賣網站或是其他非KKTIX正式授權售票之通路、網站購票,除可能衍生詐騙案件或交易糾紛外,以免影響自身權益,若發生演出現場無法入場或是其他問題,主辦單位及KKTIX概不負責。
    DO NOT purchase tickets through auction websites or other unauthorized channels/websites aside from KKTIX's official authorized ticketing channel. Doing so not only poses potential risks of fraud or transaction disputes, but may also affect your own rights and interests. If you encounter any issues related to the inability to attend the event or other problems, please be aware that neither the promoter nor KKTIX will be responsible.

  • 若有任何形式非供自用而加價轉售(無論加價名目為代購費、交通費、補貼等均包含在內)之情事經查屬實者,將依社會秩序維護法第64條第2款逕向警方檢舉。
    If it is discovered that there is any form of reselling at a higher price, regardless of the reasons for the price increase (such as purchasing fees, transportation costs, subsidies, etc.), this will be reported to the police in accordance with Article 64, Paragraph 2 of the Social Order Maintenance Act.

  • 購票前請詳閱注意事項,一旦購票成功視為同意上述所有活動注意事項。
    Please read the notices carefully before purchasing tickets. Once the purchase is successful, it is deemed that you agree to all the above notices.

購票方式說明 / Purchasing

您的KKTIX會員需完成"電子郵件地址及手機號碼驗證"才能進行購票流程,請至 確認是否您的電子郵件已經認證完畢。提醒您請勿使用Yahoo、Hotmail信箱註冊及驗證,以避免驗證信未能寄達。

To purchase tickets, your KKTIX account needs to complete the "verification of email address and phone number". Please go to to confirm whether your email address has been verified. Please note that using Yahoo or Hotmail email addresses for registration and verification is not recommended as verification emails may not be delivered.

  1. 僅接受已完成手機號碼及電子郵件地址驗證之會員購買,購票前請先"加入會員"並盡早完成"手機號碼及電子郵件地址"驗證,以便進行購票流程,建議可於會員"設定"中的"報名預填資料"先行存檔「姓名」和「手機」,可減少購票時間快速進行下一步。
    Only members who have completed phone number and email address verification are eligible to purchase tickets. Please "Join as member" and complete phone number and email address verification as soon as possible before purchasing tickets. It is recommended to save "Name" and "Phone number" in the "Pre-filled registration data" section under "Settings" to reduce ticket purchase time and proceed to the next step quickly.

  2. 為了確保您的權益,強烈建議您,在註冊會員或是結帳時填寫的聯絡人電子郵件,盡量不要使用Yahoo或Hotmail郵件信箱,以免因為擋信、漏信,甚至被視為垃圾郵件而無法收到『訂單成立通知信』。
    To protect your rights, it is strongly recommended that you do not use Yahoo or Hotmail email addresses as your contact email when registering as a member or checking out. This is to avoid not receiving the "Order Confirmation Email" due to mail blocking, missing mail or even being marked as spam.

  3. 訂單成立通知信可能因其他因素未能寄達,僅提供交易通知之用,未收到訂單成立通知信不代表交易沒有成功,又或是刷卡付款失敗,請於付款期限之內再次嘗試刷卡(即便收到銀行的授權成功的簡訊或電子郵件),若訂單逾期取消,則表示訂單真的沒有成立,請再重新訂購。一旦無法確認於網站上的訂單是否交易成功,請至會員帳戶的"訂單"查詢您的消費資料,只要是成功的訂單,皆會顯示您所消費的票券明細,若查不到您所訂購的票券,表示交易並未成功,請重新訂票。
    The "Order Confirmation Email" is only for transaction notification and may not be delivered due to other factors. Not receiving the "Order Confirmation Email" does not mean that the transaction has failed or the credit card payment has failed. Please try to swipe the card again within the payment deadline (even if you have received a successful authorization message or email from the bank). If the order is canceled due to exceeding the deadline, it means that the order has not been established, please place a new order. If you cannot confirm whether the transaction was successful on the website, please check your consumption data in the "Order" section of your member account. Any successful order will display the details of the purchased tickets. If you cannot find the tickets you ordered, it means that the transaction was not successful, please try again.

  4. KKTIX系統沒有固定的清票時間,只要消費者沒有於期限內完成付款,未付款的票券就會陸陸續續釋放出來,消費者可隨時留意網頁是否有釋出可售票券張數。開賣日如有特殊清票情況,會於網頁上即時公告。
    KKTIX does not have a fixed time for releasing tickets. If a consumer fails to complete the payment within the deadline, the unpaid seats will be gradually released. Consumers can always check the website or kiosk for the availability of released tickets. If there are any special circumstances regarding ticket release on the day of sale, KKTIX will announce it on the website immediately.

  5. KKTIX網站購票 / Purchasing tickets on KKTIX website:
    • 加入會員並通過"手機號碼及電子郵件地址"驗證,每筆訂單限購1張,每位KKTIX會員限購4張,請務必在活動啟售前24小時完成驗證,售票當天無法保證能驗證成功,24小時之內才驗證手機成功的帳號恕無法確保能順利購票。
      To purchase tickets on KKTIX website, you need to become a member and pass the verification process with your mobile phone number and email address. Each order is limited to 1 ticket.Each KKTIX member is limited to 4 tickets and please make sure to complete the verification process at least 24 hours before the general sale. We cannot guarantee successful verification on the day of sale and accounts that are verified less than 24 hours before the general sale may not be able to purchase tickets.
    • 進行手機號碼驗證,但收不到簡訊怎麼辦?請點我
      What should I do if I can't receive the SMS verification code when verifying my phone number? Check here
    • 付款方式:信用卡(VISA/MASTER/JCB)
      Payment:Credit card(VISA/MASTER/JCB)
    • 為強化信用卡網路付款安全,KKTIX售票系統網站導入了更安全的信用卡 3D 驗證服務,會員購票時,將取得簡訊驗證碼,確保卡號確實為持卡人所有,以提供持卡人更安全的網路交易環境。信用卡3D驗證流程請點我
      KKTIX has implemented a more secure credit card 3D verification service to enhance the security of online credit card payments. When members purchase tickets, they will receive an SMS verification code to ensure that the card number is indeed owned by the cardholder, providing a more secure online transaction environment for the cardholder. For the credit card 3D verification process, Check here
    • 取票方式:全家取票(手續費每筆$30/4張為限,請於全家便利商店繳納給櫃臺)
      Ticket pickup: FamilyMart pickup (handling fee of $30 and limited to 4 tickets per order, please pay at the counter of FamilyMart convenience stores.)
    • KKTIX購票流程圖示說明請點我
      How to buy tickets on KKTIX website, Check here
    • 全家便利商店FamiPort取票說明請點我
      How to pick up tickets at FamiPort kiosk in FamilyMart convenience stores, Check here
    • 選擇全家便利商店FamiPort取票請留意:請勿在啟售當天於網站訂購完成後馬上至全家便利商店取票,極有可能因系統繁忙無法馬上取票,只要訂購成功票券在演出前皆可取票,請擇日再至全家便利商店取票。
      When picking up tickets at a FamiPort kiosk in a FamilyMart convenience store, please note that you should not pick up the tickets immediately after completing the order on the website on the day. It is highly likely that the system will be too busy to allow you to pick up the tickets immediately. As long as the ticket order is successful, you can pick up the tickets before the concert. Please choose a later date to pick up tickets at FamilyMart convenience store.


退票方式說明 / Refunding

  • 2023/6/6購買,退票截止日為2023/6/9(含),2023/6/10(含)起不再受理退票申請

退票方式及退款時間請詳閱 KKTIX退換票規定

Tickets are refundable with 5% return handling fee for three days ONLY after purchasing them. For example:
  • Tickets purchased on 2023/6/6 must be mailed to KKTIX before 2023/6/9. Tickets mailed out on and after 2023/6/10 for refund will NOT be accepted.

In order to process your refund request, physical tickets must be mailed to KKTIX before the due date. For KKTIX address, please refer to KKTIX REFUND POLICY.

NOTE: If you choose Family Mart as ticket collect method, you will still need to pick up your ticket at Family Mart and send it to KKTIX.


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2023/06/06 12:00(+0800) ~ 2023/07/08 19:30(+0800)
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